Opening the 2010 Congress of God’s People in Vietnam

Opening the 2010 Congress of God’s People in Vietnam


WCBCV -- Reviewing the 2010 Congress of God's People in Vietnam, Vietnamese Catholics try to practice the recommendations from this big event to renew their spiritual life...

The Opening Mass of the 2010 Congress of God’s People in Vietnam takes place in the Cathedral of Saigon at 5:15 pm Sunday November 21, 2010, to begin four working days of the Congress.

For the first time in the history of the Catholic Church in Vietnam, the representatives of all members of God’s People from all over the country are gathering here to find out a new direction for the coming period.

More than 300 delegates representing the clergy, religious congregations and laity will address their views and opinions for the building of the Church in Vietnam: The Church as a Mystery – Communion – Mission.

The Congress has been convoked by Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Vietnam (CBCV) as the summit of all activities during the Jubilee Year 2010 to commemorate the 350th anniversary of establishing the first two Apostolic Vicariates and the 50th anniversary of founding the Vietnamese Hierarchy.

The Congress hopes to open a new direction for the Church in Vietnam in this new stage of history, in the heart of a country which is changing rapidly in a world which is constantly transforming itself.

Sharing at the Opening Mass, Archbishop Peter Nguyen Van Nhon, Chairman of CBCV, says: “We are called to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to build up the communion by the practical and feasible way, that is dialogue. It means that, instead of talking about, we have to accept to talk to each other in truth and charity, which is called by Pope Paul VI as Salvation Dialogue.”

The delegates will begin working at HCMC Archdiocese’s Pastoral Center, starting tomorrow Monday, November 22, 2010, during which each of the three Catholic Provinces of Hanoi, Saigon and Hue will take turn to preside over the Congress on three principal themes respectively: The Church of Christ in the heart of Vietnam, the Church as a sign and instrument of communion, and Catholic Church and the evangelization.

Earlier, the working paper of the Congress has been published. This is a summary of the draft The Church in Vietnam: Mystery - Communion - Mission, together with reflections and opinions from many people and from the teaching of the Church.

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May all members of God’s People pray for the Congress and express the opinions to contribute to the building of Church in Vietnam.