Saigon Archdiocese: Brief History

Saigon Archdiocese: Brief History


Saigon Archdiocese was established on May 17, 1844, when it had the name Tây Đàng Trong Diocese. Its history in brief is as follows:

- Before 1698, many Catholics came to live in Gia Định.

- Septermber 9, 1659: with “Super Cathedram” decree, Đàng Trong Diocese was established (from Gianh River to Nha Trang) with bishop P. Lambert de la Motte.

- May 17, 1844: Đàng Trong Diocese was divided into two: Đông Đàng Trong (Qui Nhơn) and Tây Đàng Trong (Sài Gòn).

- August 30, 1850: Tây Đàng Trong Diocese was divided into two: Nam Vang and Tây Đàng Trong (Saigon).

1863: Diocesan Seminary was established.

- October 7,1877 - April 11,1880: Notre Dame Cathedral was being built.

1900: Archbishop Building was built.

- December 3, 1924: Tây Đàng Trong Diocese was named Sài Gòn Diocese.

- November 24, 1960: Sài Gòn Diocese has become Archdiocese.

1976: Sài Gòn Archdiocese has been named Hồ Chí Minh City Archdiocese.

- The number of diocesan priests trained from the Archdiocese from 1944 to 2011: 1,117 priests.

As of 2018, the Archdiocese has:

- 355 diocesan priests,

- 533 religious priests,

- 4,861 religious women belonging to 114 congregations and 18 institutes,

- 1,263 religious men belonging to 44 congregations and 9 institutes,

- 147 seminarians,

- 686.938 Catholics.


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