Pastoral Center


In 1863, Fr. Wibaux built the Seminary of Saigon.
After the event of 30-4-1975, the Ministry of Finance borrowed and used the minor seminary as Finance and Accounting High School IV.
On 20-9-2004, the minor seminary was returned from the Ministry of Finance to the Archdiocese to become the Archdiocesan Catholic Cultural Center. Its Rector was Fr. Peter Nguyễn Văn Hiền. Later, its name was changed to be the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center.


The Archdiocesan Pastoral Center of Hochiminh City focuses on two main objectives: offering formation for archdiocesan members and organizing activities of the archdiocese.

1. The first objective: offering formation for archdiocesan members
     a. For the laity
         - Classes of bible, theology, philosophy, liturgy, spirituality, parish administration, and pastoral care in many fields opened for the laity in the evening of week-days.
         - Training courses for related members such as youth, catechists, members of parish councils… opened on weekends.
     b. For religious women
         - Classes of bible, theology, philosophy, liturgy, spirituality… opened by religious congregrations for nuns in week-day mornings.
         - Specially, theology classes opened in summers for religious women.
     c. For seminarians of pre-seminary: they stay in the Pastoral Center and are formed in one year before entering the seminary.

2. The second objective: organizing important activities and big meetings of the archdiocese.


Fr. Peter Nguyễn Văn Hiền
Rector (from 2012)
Chair of Committee on Catechism
Born:  1954
Ordained Priest:  1985

Fr. Roch Nguyễn Kim Duy
Vice Rector & Manager
Chair of Committee on Sacred Music
Born:  1954
Ordained Priest: 2000

Fr. Francis Xavier Bảo Lộc
In charge of Study Programme of Pastoral Center
Chair of Committee on Inter Faith Dialogue
Born: 1961
Ordained Priest:  1992


Fr. Joseph Vũ Hữu Hiền
Chair of Committee on Social Communication
Born: 1954
Ordained Priest: 1990

Fr.Jos. Hoàng Ngọc Dũng
Consulting Professor

Born: 1964
Ordained Priest: 1999


Fr. Joseph Đặng Chí Lĩnh
Professor of Psychology
Born: 1969
Ordained Priest: 2001




Fr. Joseph Hoàng Đình Thành
Born: 1965
Ordained Priest: 1999